About Seoyon E-Hwa Summit Ananthapur

Seoyon leads to stable growth through management innovation.

Seoyon, the holding company, presents directions to its affiliates as a control tower and the affiliates are operated by responsible management system with specialized CEO centered on the board of directors, and through this, we contribute to enhance the transparency of corporate governance and expand management stability. We will prepare a foundation for long-term development through more stable management based on continued effort for governance improvement and finance stability. Moreover, we will focus our ability to enhance company value by investing in newly growing business which is expected to have a high value in future. Seoyon group aims at a steady growth through company image change and management system innovation while cherishing our 43-year history to effectively respond to rapidly changing global management environment. The holding company Seoyon and its major affiliates including manufacturer of automobile components Seoyon E-Hwa, manufacturer of smart keys Seoyon Electronics, manufacturer of molds Seoyon Topmetal, specialized company of urethane foam Seoyon CNF, and manufacturer of car seats Seoyon Intech are dedicating their best efforts to become a global company that leads the world automobile component industry beyond Korea through continuous technical development and quality improvement.

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